Katie Hatch

Senior Property Manager & Property Business Development

My Career started in Real Estate as a receptionist, before long was promoted to the property management division. I have now been in the Industry for well over 15 years working in several offices.

I believe to be successful in Real Estate is to stand out from the rest, this comes from hard work, dedication, and being able to maintain the highest level of service possible to all your clients. For me this has always been a core focus and has been rewarded with respect within the industry by fellow peers, client loyalty and consistent referral business.

Being a property investor myself I understand the importance of having good Property Management for one of the most expensive investments you can have. Being a Property Manager requires a high level of and variation of skills, it is a continually challenging roll on many levels, which is something that keeps my passion for this industry alive, and no day is ever the same. 

With extensive experience and knowledge having over 15 years being a Senior Property Manager and Property Manager and for the last 4 years I have been an award wining Business Development Manager within a major real estate network.

My role as the Business Development Manager was to solely seek new investment properties for management, maintain and make new contacts for referral business including investment companies and building companies, rental appraisals, marketing which all worked towards building a solid growth on the existing rent role.

I consistently keep up my training on regular changes within the legislation and industry, I also hold a full licensee License.

I have also been involved in mentoring other Business Development Managers within the industry, speaking commitments at the 2015 PPM Conference.